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Reasons you may want to seek a post-divorce judgment

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Family Law |

After finalizing your divorce, you hope that everything is truly settled. However, you may find yourself back in a courtroom if you want a modification to your divorce agreement.

Here are a few reasons for seeking a post-divorce judgment.

Spousal support

Whether you are receiving or paying alimony, you can request a modification to or termination of this aspect of your divorce agreement. You will need to show that there has been a significant shift in either your or your former spouse’s financial circumstances.

Child custody

When it is in the best interest of the child, the court may allow an adjustment to the child custody arrangement to allow one parent more time or to change who has primary custody. Additionally, if one parent is seeking to move a child out of state, a judge will need to grant permission for this relocation.

Child support

If you or your ex-spouse experiences a major decrease in income, the non-custodial parent may seek an adjustment to the child support order.

Property distribution

Though the matter of property distribution is not often revisited, you could find yourself addressing this issue in court if one party hid assets during the distribution process.

Medical expenses

A divorce agreement will usually specify what portion of a child’s medical expenses each parent is responsible for and who will carry a child on their insurance policy. Changes in employment, insurance policies and financial situations could necessitate a modification to this aspect of your agreement.

Judges do not make post-divorce judgments lightly. You should typically only seek a modification when there has been a significant change in your circumstances.