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Back-to-school considerations for children of divorced parents

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2022 | Family Law |

Having your child go back to school comes with extra considerations when you and your ex divorce. The extra routine can be a stressor if you are not prepared.

Here are four things to keep in mind to better help you and your child navigate this transition.


Although important, school can add strain on the family dynamic. You have to coordinate your schedule, your ex’s schedule and now your child’s schedule. The latter could include extracurricular activities and social gatherings that require you to offer transportation. This can cut into visitation time as well. Be prepared to make some changes, if needed.

Parent-child communication

Divorce can take a toll on the children. Even the most successful students can experience a dip in their performance because of the changes at home. It is important for you to establish an open line of communication with your child. Always ask them how they are doing at school and offer any assistance you can, whether it is doing homework together or rewarding good behaviors with quality parent-child time.

Teacher-parent communication

It is fairly easy for teachers to make assumptions about their students’ home life. Addressing the situation with your child’s teachers can provide clarity and better equip the teachers who want to help guide your child, particularly if they are having a difficult time.

Modification of custody plans

Drastic and sudden changes in your child’s schedule can make coordination between you and your ex difficult. Have a plan ready to go that accounts for school closures or sudden quarantines and file a motion with the courts to officiate this revision.

Keeping prepared for changes in schedule and continuing to support your children can help make the transition from summer to school seamless.