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What does a mediator do?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2023 | Family Law |

These days, more people opt for alternative methods of divorce. Mediation serves as one of the most popular choices.

Within mediation, a mediator serves as a key figure. But what exactly do they do?

What mediators cannot do

FINRA discusses mediation and the role of a mediator. Mediators serve as crucial points of contact between both parties, acting as the guiding party and surveying the situation with a neutral point of view.

Mediators do not have the same sort of legal weight as arbitrators or judges. This means they cannot make decisions on behalf of the couple or force the couple into going with what the mediator thinks is the best or most valid option. They can only make suggestions: it is up to the couple to follow them.

This allows for the couple to retain a strong sense of independence while going through the divorce process, which many people find extremely valuable.

Providing advice and opinions

Note that mediators also have good opinions to give, because they can tackle things from a professional and neutral perspective. This usually means they have a viewpoint that no one else does, and they can provide valuable advice accordingly.

Argument de-escalation

They also have training in de-escalation. This means that if arguments begin to escalate, grow too intense or seemingly start getting out of hand, the mediator can usually take steps to get the conversation back in control again.

With these skills and tactics, mediators make it much easier for couples to reach an agreeable compromise in their divorce.